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My technical cloud computing blog has now changed domain and have moved from to introduces a new development phase of this online project and aspires to offer more in-depth and more up-to-date KB articles and design or operations articles about cloud computing and edge computing, fog computing and hybrid cloud technologies. The … Read more

List of discontinued services in Microsoft Azure


Introduction This article provides a list of discontinued services in Microsoft Azure, as per the Azure service lifecycle. This includes services and features which have been discontinued, retired or deprecated. The below list shall be continuously be updated with latest updates from the Azure side. Many of these services involve migration of Azure ASM-type (Azure … Read more

Advanced Windows Server 2022 Operating System Course Outline

Course Objective To provide a comprehensive understanding of Windows Server 2022, focusing on its operating system architecture, administrative features, and hybrid administration capabilities that seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Azure. The course aims to not only cover Windows Server 2022 in-depth but also to bridge the knowledge gap between on-premises and cloud-based solutions using Azure. The … Read more

Linux Ubuntu Operating System Course Outline

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

This article provides a course outline for my upcoming free course on Linux Ubuntu operating system. This course aims to equip IT professionals, system administrators, and developers with an in-depth understanding of Linux Ubuntu’s operating system mechanics, administration, troubleshooting, and emerging technologies like containerization. Course outline Module 1: Introduction to Operating Systems Theory and Concepts … Read more

Azure Virtual Desktop AVD overview of architecture and use cases

azure virtual desktop

Introduction Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly known as Windows Virtual Desktop or WVD) is Microsoft’s offering to enable virtualization of desktops and applications in the cloud. As more organizations migrate their resources and services to the cloud, the concept of a cloud-hosted desktop environment has become increasingly popular. This blog post provides an Azure Virtual Desktop … Read more

Backup items in a business continuity and disaster recovery plan

What is a business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) plan? A business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) plan is a document that outlines how an organization will continue to operate during an unplanned disruption in service. The plan should include procedures for handling all types of disruptions, including natural disasters, cyberattacks, and other emergencies. The … Read more

Stateless and stateful systems comparison

Introduction Stateless and stateful systems are two distinct approaches in information technology which handle and manage data and transactions differently. This article explores the differences between these two concepts and provide examples of stateless and stateful technologies in both software development and infrastructure systems. Stateless Systems In a stateless system, the server or application does … Read more

Python programming for beginners course outline

Python programming for beginners course outline This article provides a course outline for my upcoming free course on Python programming for beginners. Python is a super flexible and dynamically evolving imperative language which provides libraries and solutions for all modern software development scenarios, including cloud computing services, machine learning and artificial intelligence. This comprehensive course … Read more

Load balancing solutions and design considerations

Introduction to load balancing Load balancing plays a vital role in distributing network traffic efficiently across multiple servers or resources. This article provides a comprehensive overview of load balancers, including their theory, design considerations, persistence types, and load balancing methods. Furthermore, it presents a detailed list of commercial and open source load balancer solutions. Load … Read more

IBM Red Hat RHEL source code is no longer free

IBM Red Hat RHEL source code is no longer free In a release this week, IBM Red Hat says it is putting RHEL source code in the Red Hat Customer Portal (accessible via a subscription). The sole public repository for code releases will be CentOS Stream. “CentOS Stream will now be the sole repository for … Read more

Classification of Artificial Intelligence Concepts and AI Models

artificial intelligence

Introduction Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a prominent field with wide-ranging applications in various industries. To better understand AI, it is important to classify its concepts and models hierarchically. This article presents a detailed classification of artificial intelligence concepts and AI models, organized in a hierarchical manner based on increasing complexity and capabilities. Artificial Intelligence … Read more