Announcing new Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops features in Microsoft Azure

Citrix has recently announced the following new Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops features in Microsoft Azure.

  • Citrix Provisioning Services (PVS) for Microsoft Azure — Citrix and Microsoft engineers have worked together to deliver Citrix PVS to Azure, targeted for general availability December 2021.
  • Citrix Ready validation for Virtual Apps and Desktops service and Azure Stack HCI — Citrix Ready has validated Azure Stack HCI for Windows and Linux virtual machines (VMs) hosted on Azure Stack HCI.
  • Citrix Image Portability Service for Azure — A preview of Citrix Image Portability Service is available for Azure. This service simplifies the management of images across platforms, making it easy to manage images between an on-premises resource location and on Azure.
  • Citrix provides support for Azure VMware Solution — Today VMware customers can benefit from Citrix’s official support for Azure VMware Solution.
  • New Citrix products are on Azure Marketplace — New Citrix products inside the Azure Marketplace include the latest Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Standard for Azure and Workspace Premium Plus. If you already have an Azure commitment with Microsoft, be sure to take advantage of the Azure consumption commitment benefit with your Citrix purchase.
  • Citrix Workspace integration with Microsoft Teams — Citrix will provide flexibility for how employees want to centralize their daily collaboration. Citrix integration with Microsoft Teams means that employees can launch Citrix Workspace from within Teams or vice versa.
  • Citrix Secure Mail now offers Teams support — This new feature allows employees to add Teams meetings to any new Citrix Secure Mail calendar event.
  • Citrix provides support for Windows 11 — Citrix have worked closely with Microsoft to ensure that Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops offers Day 1 support for Windows 11 in both on-prem and cloud-hosted environments.
  • Citrix launches cloud-delivered zero trust based adaptive security — Citrix Secure Private Access provides IT with adaptive authentication and adaptive access policies, enabling administrators to define security policies based on a user’s location, posture of their device, and the user’s risk score.
  • Citrix has added bot management — Bot management capabilities are now part of Citrix Web App and API Protection. This feature enables IT to filter bad bot traffic and reduce strain on infrastructure. You can protect apps from account takeovers, prevent content scraping, and more. Watch the bot management announcement.