Citrix Summit 2020

Citrix Summit 2020 is now live for anyone to register and participate remotely.

The following Citrix Summit sessions are available:

The new world of work

David Henshall 
President and Chief Executive Officer, Citrix

Citrix CEO David Henshall sets the stage for what you’ll discover in our Citrix Summit Series. Learn how to overcome challenges and seize opportunities to thrive in a new world of work.

Innovations for a hybrid, multi-cloud world

David Henshall 
President and Chief Executive Officer, Citrix

New Citrix partnerships and innovations will dramatically simplify and accelerate your hybrid, multi-cloud migration.

Accelerate your cloud journey

Sridhar Mullapudi 
Senior Vice President, Product Management, Citrix

Innovations in scalability, security, and reliability give you the flexibility you need to adopt any cloud and migrate your application workloads faster.

Access Citrix Summit sessions via the following link: