Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Deployment and Adoption Resource Center

Citrix has developed the new Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Deployment and Adoption Resource Center. Inside this self-service destination, IT administrators and internal launch teams will find all the valuable tools and components they need to drive internal alignment and to ensure your employees, stakeholders, and organization are ready for launch. The CVAD Deployment and Adoption Resource Center includes four key areas:

  • Plan: As you know, an effective rollout plan can help you avoid or eliminate many obstacles down the road. Follow these five steps for a successful end-user adoption.
  • Prepare: Before your official launch, it is essential that your users know what’s coming — and how it will improve their work lives. So the key word here is “overcommunicate.” We know your plate is already full, and we recommend partnering with your corporate communications team to help deliver messages multiple times across multiple formats to help break through the clutter. To help with this, we’ve provided a host of turnkey promotional materials, in both downloadable PDF or digital formats, that you can use to spread the word.
  • Roll Out: Once your solution is live, you have to make the curious comfortable. People will want to try out the software, so make these introductory videos and guides available to help them get familiar with the new environment.
  • Drive Value: Of course, planning for a successful launch and rolling out to your team isn’t the end of your journey. Deployment and business successes extend far beyond your initial roll out. To help with this, you’ll find an extensive library of product documentation, support resources and valuable links you can use to build on your Citrix deployment and leverage it in many different ways.