Inside Azure Datacenter Architecture with Mark Russinovich

Mark Russinovich Azure Datacenter presentation

To offer a Microsoft Azure technical overview from the subject matter expert and CTO, Mark Russinovich, I am re-publishing in this post a highly educational and informative session of Mark during Microsoft Ignite 2021 event. Many things may have changed since then but this video definitely is a very concise introduction to all things Azure, from an infrastructure architecture perspective.

Azure end-to-end infrastructure layer architecture

In this video, Mark Russinovich covers the following areas:

  • Inside datacenter infrastructure and regions
  • Inside intelligent infrastructure and machine learning and AI ops
  • Inside networking, physical and virtual
  • Inside compute services and servers
  • Inside Azure Resource Manager
  • Inside Azure storage and data


Inside Azure Datacenter Architecture with Mark Russinovich

Azure Global Infrastructure Experience

Head to the Azure Global Infrastructure Experience to see an interactive demo of all Azure geographies, datacenters, availability zones, backbone network and points of presence (POP).

You should also visit the Azure Datacenter Virtual Tour application to experience what it is like to be in an Azure datacenter, such as being able to view the operations room and the server rooms inside the datacenter.