ITProDev Connections 2020

ITProDev Connections 2020 event announcement

This year, although is not a good year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the communities involved with the event believe in holding it as a virtual event.

This decision was made for two main reasons:

Firstly because the cost of hosting a virtual event is minimized,

Secondly because we need to feel again that we are friends , colleagues and associates.

The central idea of ​​the event is always the same as it was in the past, an event open to all technologies and issues concerning the general IT environment by all manufacturers.

This year there is no cost for the participants, you will only need to register using the participation form.

See you soon!

The Greek technical communities,,,, *ngThess, VMUG Greece, Ministry Of Testing, MS Learn, Thessaloniki.NETThessaloniki Software Testing and QA, Cloud Experts, Hotelier ITPRO Greek Digital CommunityCoworking in Athens

Event twitter hashtag #itprodevgreece

Event agenda, speakers and sponsors

You can review the agenda, speakers and sponsors of the event’s sessions by navigating the link below.

Event hosting

The event is hosted on the virtual event platform