Microsoft DP-900 certification exam study guide

Introduction to the Microsoft DP-900 certification exam

The Microsoft DP-900 measures the following skills:

  • Describe core data concepts (25–30%)
  • Identify considerations for relational data on Azure (20–25%)
  • Describe considerations for working with non-relational data on Azure (15–20%)
  • Describe an analytics workload on Azure (25–30%)

The passing score for the DP-900 exam is 700. As of this writing (December 2022) the English version of the DP-900 exam was last updated on August 4, 2022.

Study curriculum

The MS DP-900 certification exam has the following study areas.

Among the learning objectives of this exam study materials are the following:

  • Become familiar with Azure relational and non-relational data concepts.
  • Understand the various data workloads in Azure, including the transactional and analytical data workloads.
  • Become familiar with structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.
  • Become familiar with Azure SQL T-SQL queries and KQL queries.
  • Become familiar with Azure blob, file and table storage accounts.

The official study guide with links to MS Learn learning paths is available at

Some practice exam questions are also available at: