The new Citrix Ready Marketplace

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The new Citrix Ready Marketplace

Citrix announced today that they have released the newly revamped Citrix Ready Marketplace portal available at: Today, there are more than 700 partners in the Citrix Ready Program and more than 6,100 products listed in the Citrix Ready Marketplace.

An overview of the Citrix Ready Marketplace home page is shown below.

The home page of the new Citrix Ready Marketplace includes new sections for:

  • New industry-standard categories
  • Updated branding and imagery
  • Featured Products, which puts a spotlight on key products
  • Learn More section that helps you solve key challenges

The new Citrix Ready Marketplace also includes the following features:

  • The category pages let users browse different products and solutions and filter them by industry and Citrix solution compatibility. The user can select either a tile or a list viewing mode at their convenience.
  • Partner pages provide details on Citrix Ready partners along with links for products and additional resources. Partners can manage their product verification profile through the site as well.
  • Product pages now include extensive information such as videos, product details, screenshots, features, advantages, resources, and comments. Citrix customers can learn about a product and its features with the product page serving as a jumping off point for more research and learning if necessary.
  • A new resource library: Citrix Ready plans to introduce a resource library that will provide access to technical and marketing collateral that are jointly created.
  • New solution filters for microapps: Citrix Ready Marketplace will introduce a new solution filters for microapps, simplifying both the search process for users and the tagging microapps from various integrations.
  • An efficient and scalable partner experience: As a one-stop location for all partnership activities, Citrix Ready Marketplace will make it easier for partners to see and activate their benefits on-demand.