The new Microsoft Teams Powershell module


On October 15th Microsoft released the MC224358 awareness article which outlines the transition to a new single Teams Powershell module which now includes all cmdlets from Skype for Business Online PowerShell Connector. Teams and Skype for Business Online administrators only need to install the Teams PowerShell module without requiring a separate installation of the Skype for Business online connector. With the Teams PowerShell module 1.1.6 or greater, Teams Administrators will utilize a single Teams PowerShell module to manage all of Teams capabilities. Written in .NET Standard, Teams PowerShell works on PowerShell 5.1 on Windows, PowerShell 6.x and higher on all platforms including Azure Shell.

Action items for Teams administrators

Take the following steps:

  1. Download the latest Teams PowerShell module: PowerShell Gallery – Microsoft Teams.
  2. Update your training, scripts and documentation as appropriate.
  3. To move from using Skype for Business Online Connector to the Teams PowerShell module to manage Teams, you’ll need to update your existing PowerShell scripts. Review the following article for details:
  4. Review the following article for more details on installing and configuring the Teams Powershell module: