Exchange Online error Microsoft.Exchange.Data.StoreObjects.ObjectNotFoundException: Can’t send message. Microsoft.Mapi.MapiExceptionNotFound

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Case #

When you try to send an email via Exchange Online Outlook client you receive any of the following error messages.

The following recipient(s) cannot be reached:

'[Recipient Name]' on [date_here} [time_here] This message could not be sent. The client operation failed. Try sending the message again later, or contact your network administrator.

Microsoft.Exchange.Data.StoreObjects.ObjectNotFoundException: Can't send message. ---> Microsoft.Mapi.MapiExceptionNotFound.

Microsoft.Exchange.Data.StoreObjects.ObjectNotFoundException: Can’t send message. Microsoft.Mapi.MapiExceptionNotFound: MapiExceptionNotFound: Unable to send message.

Solution #

You should carry out the following steps to resolve the above Exchange Online issue.

  • On the Exchange Online server side, check the message trace by applying a time filter which covers the time period of the email messages in question. If the message trace shows these messages in ok state (meaning that they have been delivered) you should check with the recipient email organization’s SMTP administrators to check delivery from their side as well. In many cases these Exchange Online error messages are false flags and are caused due to temporary/transient SMTP routing issues.

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