How to generate a sitemap and submit to search engines for SEO

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Case #

When running SEO optimization and website re-design, it is crucial to have an updated website sitemap. A sitemap is an text file which provides a hierarchy of all site static pages and resources in such a way that they can be read and consumed by search engine crawler bots.

Sitemaps can support the following formats:

Solution #

The following solutions are available for automatically creating a website sitemap:

Ensure that you submit your sitemap to all major search engines including the following:

Refer to the following articles on how to generate and submit your sitemap to search engines:

  1. Google –
  2. Bing –
  3. Yandex –
  4. Baidu – Coming soon
  5. Qmamu – Coming soon
  6. Yahoo – Coming soon
  7. Duckduckgo – Coming soon
  8. – Coming soon

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