How to troubleshoot Acronis Cyber Protect issues

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Case #

You are running a backup or restore operation in Acronis Cyber Backup or Acronis Cyber Protect and you encounter an error message, which causes the backup or restore operation to fail. You may also run into Acronis errors or warnings while installing, uninstalling or upgrading an Acronis Cyber Protect management server. This article provides general guidance on how to troubleshoot Acronis Cyber Protect issues.

Solution #

A few general steps you can take before collecting system information and contacting the Acronis Technical Support team are the following.

Upload all above logs to an FTP account provided by Acronis. The Acronis technical support team will send you your FTP account credentials. The following KB article describes how to upload files to an Acronis public ftp account:

To troubleshoot Acronis Cyber Protect recovery issues, refer to the following KB article:

For general troubleshooting reference of Acronis Cyber Protect, refer to the following KB article compilation:

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